The Apartment Residences
Olympie, Le Pralin & Plan du Lac
Residence Olympie I Pralin Plan du Lac
Sleeps 2-5 2-4 4-6 2-5 2-5 2-4 2-5
Size 25 sqm 22 sqm 32 sqm 21 sqm 21 sqm 21 sqm 21 sqm
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The apartments are all in the centre of Mottaret in Le Chatelet, each apartment has a great view, with Mont Vallon and the nature reserve to the south and the Meribel valley to the north. 
Le Chatelet is right next to the entrance to the Tueda nature reserve.  There is no need to use a car, you are literally on the doorstep.  But you don't have to take our word for it, look at the photos and maps to see in detail that they could not be better placed.  See the location page and the Mottaret maps page
0JM2.jpg (114144 bytes) Olympie I

Apartments A, B & C are in Olympie I.

This is the most outstanding chalet residence in Mottaret.  It has a great location above the shops and restaurants.  All the apartments have a south west facing balcony and get plenty of sun particularly in the afternoon. 


0JM7.jpg (112731 bytes) Le Pralin

This photo shows Olympie I with Le Pralin just behind  (above right).  The entrance to Le Pralin is on the same level as Olympie and about thirty metres to the left. 

Apartments D, E & F are in Pralin.  The apartments face south west and get huge quantities of sun. They have great balconies with spectacular views up the valley towards the nature reserve and Mt Vallon and also towards the centre of Mottaret.  

0JM6.jpg (96032 bytes) Mottaret : Le Chatelet  


This photo shows all three chalet residences.  The building in shadow on the left is the Mont Vallon hotel, immediately to its right is the entrance to Le Pralin, which extends up the slope.  Olympie is just to the right of Le Pralin and Plan du Lac is just to the right of Olympie. 

The car park is in the bottom right corner of the photo.  

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