Meribel Mottaret is in the centre of the Three Valleys, 3km further up the valley from Meribel.   The Three Valleys 
Mottaret is a great place for outdoor activities.  There is walking and hiking in the nature reserve by the mountain rivers and lakes.  As well as a host of sports such as golf, tennis and mountain biking.  See the activities page for a more complete summary of what is on offer.
Entertainment and shopping
Whilst there are a host of activities and outdoor pursuits possible from Mottaret it is primarily a family location for summer holidays with only a limited number of restaurants and nightlife available.
This website advertises several self catering apartments.  More details can be found by following the apartments link at the top or bottom of this page.

The weather

Mottaret is on roughly the same latitude as Bordeaux and so still has the beautiful blue skies and but being at 1700 metres it is a few degrees cooler.    Have a look at the Summer Webcams and read the daily Weather Report.  If you have skied in late April you will know that it can get pretty hot (it reached 23c at 2300m on 1st April 2001).  The temperature continues to rise to peak in mid summer in July and August.  The temperature can easily exceed 30c.  Generally the weather is sunny and very hot, though being in the mountains it is cooler than lower in the Savoie region.  To see the current weather conditions visit the summer webcam page.   


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