Travelling to Meribel - Mottaret


A quick summary of the alternatives

If this is your first time for organising the travel for your holiday then this page can help.

Quick, comfortable and potentially very cheap if you book early enough and generally the preferred option for travelling from the UK to Mottaret.  There are bus services from all the airports to Moutiers and then buses up to Mottaret.
In my opinion car hire is the best option for transfers. It is usually the cheapest option, is quick  and gives you option to go to the big supermarkets/ski shops en-route. 

You can fly to any of the four air ports below. 
Chambery is the closest airport but there are less flights here.
Geneva (Swiss sector), Lyon and Grenoble are all about 2 1/2 hours drive. 

A potentially cheap option if you have more than one person in the car.  Can be the best option if booking late. 
It is about 8-9 hours without stops on the motorway from Calais to Meribel to Mottaret. 
A stay en route on Friday night close to Mottaret can enable an extra days skiing.    

Travelling overnight enables 8 full days skiing. 
There is a direct ski-train from London to Moutiers (at the bottom of the valley and then a short taxi or bus ride up the mountain to Mottaret).

Going v
ia Paris can be cheaper particularly if you book direct and in advance, this also has the option of couchettes for the Paris to Moutiers leg. This is a very good option if you want 8 days skiing but prefer a good nights sleep.


If travelling from London this is cheap, convenient and hassle free option but it is a fairly gruelling 18 hours. 
It can enable an extra day of skiing. (Most of the travelling is overnight). 
The Ski Méribel coach includes horizontal sleeper seats so you can actually sleep.