Shopping in Mottaret

There are two main shoping areas - either side of the central piste area

The apartments are in the centre of Mottaret on the south side of the piste (Le Chatelet) where there is a collection of shops and restaurants.  On the north side of the piste there is a further collection of shops and restaurants next to the Tourist Office.

Le Chatelet Shops

The apartments are located just by the shops and restaurants of Le Chatelet.  In Le Chatelet there is:

  • Huit-a-huit supermarket  (though note it closes at about 7pm not huit pm!)
  • Four ski hire and clothing shops
  • One gift shop/ newsagent / tobacconist / clothing shop
  • One estate agency 
  • Six restaurant/bars [Link]

Mottaret Centre

On the north side of the piste there are several further shops:

  • Le Sherpa supermarke 
  • La Poste bank and Credit Agricole bank
  • A pharmacy
  • Specialist wine shop
  • Property agents
  • Cash Point
  • Several ski hire and clothing shops
  • Hair dressers
  • Several restaurants
  • Laundrette - in the basement of Domaine du Soleil, Le Hameau - take the free pedestrian lift that runs up the west side of Mottaret - see the map of Mottaret - it is located by buildings 36 and 37 on the map.

The Tourist Office building includes: 

  • General advice desk (speak English)

  • Free internet access - one terminal 

  • Travel desk, sells bus tickets to Moutiers and can advise on other travel information

  • Ski school - book your lessons or personal instructors here

  • Ski Passes - buy your ski pass here.

Clothing and ski wear shops 

  • All the ski hire shops also do clothing and ski wear.

  • Just above Huit-a-huit supermarket there is a small clothing shop which does a range of well known ski clothing.
  • In the shopping area on the north side of the piste there are a number of further ski wear shops

Banks and cash machines - Mottaret

  • Credit Agricole cash machine in the central arcade

  • La Poste (Post Office & Bank) - by the ski pass desks in the Tourist Office building

Banks and cash machines - Meribel

  • Credit Agricole cash machine & bank

  • La Poste - Post Office/Bank - next to tourist office in the central square, with cash machine


  • Huit-a-Huit - small supermarket located just below Le Plan Du Lac
  • La Sherpa - larger than Huit-a-huit but located on the other side of the piste in Mottaret.
  • Super U - large supermarket - located at the bottom of the valley just before Moutiers 
  • Hyper Champion - huge supermarket and household goods shop - located in the "industrial estate" in Moutiers - alot cheaper than the Mottaret supermarkets
  • Meribel Supermarkets 
    • Huit-a-huit is on the road leading about 150metres up from the tourist office
    • Small casino next to the bus stop
    • Larger 800sqm Casino about 300ms down from Meribel centre just before Dick's Tea Bar
Pharmacy & Doctors
  • Doctors: There is a doctor's surgery located next to the tourist office; where the piste goes past the tourist office and past the central arcade building the surgery is on the left just before the piste passes under the building before leading into the top of the Trout.
  • Pharmacy:  Go through the central shopping arcade and up some metal steps - the pharmacy is next to the small wine shop and is indicated by a large green neon cross (as are all pharmacies)  


Electrical goods


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