Guide to skiing from Mottaret

This is an unofficial independent guide to skiing from Mottaret.  It has not been produced by the Three Valleys authorities.  Its intention is to provide useful information but it is not exhaustive and parts may have changed since writing. 
The central lifts of Mottaret:  
It's well worth knowing exactly where each of the lifts in the centre of Mottaret take you.  A bit of planning and some flexibility combined should ensure you never have to queue at all...

Pas-du-lac 1 & 2

  • fast bubble lift

  • stage 1 = 529 metres, 

    • access to Meribel from top of first stage,

    • Chardonneret restaurant at first stage (the restaurant is on the other side of the exit point and so one needs to walk around to see it (follow same path to Meribel)

  • stage 2 = 466 metres

    • arrive at "Saulire"

    • access to Courchevel & top of Meribel 

    • Pierres Plats restaurant at top with great views 

Ramees & Grande Rosiere chair 

  • slow chair lifts (very slow but can access some nice off piste)

  • good alternative to the Pas du Lac bubble lift

  • ski across from top of Ramees chair to Grand Rosiere chair

  • top of Ramees chair ski down to Cote 2000 restaurant

  • access to top of Courchevel (Creux red run)

  • access to top of Meribel


  • bubble lift

  • 3 stages up the valley

  • total ascent = 1,008 metres

  • access - Mont Vallon, 

  • access - Val Thorens,  

  • access - Les Menuires

  • access - St Martin de Belleville 

Combes & Roc de Tougnes   

  • fast chair lift (Combes)

  • good alternative if there is a queue at Plattières

  • top of chair go left

    • down Sizerin blue run to Plattières first station

    • or continue past Plattières (keeping right) down the path for the Mures Rouges chair to access Mont Vallon

  • or go right for the long steep button (Roc de Tougnes)

    • arrive at Mont de la Challe

    • can then take the path round the back and then down Mouflon red run to the Chatelet Chair to access Mont Vallon  

    • or continue down the red run over into the next valley (Les Menuires/St Martin) from where you can get the fantastic new Granges chair that takes you to the top of Plattieres

    • or take the red or black runs back down towards Mottaret


  • slow chair lift 

  • to link with Table Vert chair 

  • access - Tougnete bubble mid-station

  • access - Meribel  

  • access - St Martin de Belleville


  • button lift

  • serves short slalom course

  • access to Plattieres, Les Crets and Tueda residences next to the Piste, as well as Olympie II, Olympie III, Serac and Lama residences.


  • button lift 

  • free