The view from the Olympie apartments

Each apartment has large patio doors that open from the main living room onto a balcony.  The balconies of Apartments A and B face south west.   The sun comes in from about 10:00 am through until sunset.

The photos below have been taken from apartment A and apartment B in Olympie, showing the view of the slopes of Mottaret and of Mont Vallon.  They are "thumbnails" to ensure a fast down load time.  
See the
view from Le Pralin apartments.

The kindergarden is at the bottom of the slope, La Brizolee is shown in the foreground. Taken from apartment 7 in April 2001. (52461 bytes) The slopes of Mottaret are shown to the right.  Ski in to Olympie across the bridge. (52619 bytes) Apt7View1.gif (163847 bytes) Wind.jpg (56756 bytes)

view5.jpg (49037 bytes) MtVallon.jpg (62201 bytes), taken from Apt 13 2001. WindyPort1.jpg (57208 bytes)
Wind2.jpg (64153 bytes) Windy2.jpg (58526 bytes) Windy.jpg (58399 bytes) Taken from Apt 13. All the lifts closed as it was too windy.
View14.jpg (36986 bytes)
The peak in the left of the picture is Mont Vallon. You can ski into the apartment by taking the zig zag path in the right of the picture.  In the foreground you can see the kindergarten area. The ski school areas and lift stations are all just out of site to the right of the picture.


Looking out from Olympie I, apartment A

Photos below taken from the balcony of Mt Vallon

MtVallonSky.jpg (34630 bytes)
Trout1.jpg (127119 bytes)  

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